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DNA/Lab Tests

All Gwinnett, Newton and Rockdale health centers offer a wide range of lab tests, including DNA test.

What is parentage testing?

A paternity test is conducted to prove fatherhood, that is, whether a man is the biological father of another individual.  This may be relevant in view of rights and duties of the father.  Similarly, a maternity test can be carried out.  This is less common, because at least during childbirth, except in the case of a pregnancy involving embryo transfer or egg donation, it is obvious who the mother is.  This can be achieved by DNA analysis of the three individuals, although older methods have included ABO blood group typing, analysis of various other proteins and enzymes, or using HLA antigens.  For the most part however, DNA has replaced all the other forms of testing.

Is the mother always tested?

No, but if she is, the paternity test may take less time and provide for a higher level of certainty.  When the mother participates we are able to subtract her contribution to the child’s DNA pattern before comparison to the tested man’s.

Does the child have to be a certain age to have a DNA paternity test?

No, for young children we use cheek (buccal) swabs.

How are paternity testing samples collected?

We take blood samples and cheek (buccal) swabs.

How long does paternity testing take?

Paternity testing reports are typically mailed seven to ten working days following receipt of the samples.  Payment is expected at the time of service.

What about confidentiality?

No information of any kind regarding a case will be released to anyone other than the tested parties and their named representatives without written order.

Is paternity testing covered by health insurance or Medicaid?

No.  Paternity testing is not considered to be a medically necessary procedure.  Therefore, it is not covered by health insurance or Medicaid.

How do I pay for the test?

Payment for the test can be made using cash, money order, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover.  Results are not released until full payment has been received.  No checks please.