Travel Immunizations

Please print and fill out the form before you come in.

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Travel Immunizations

We help you plan ahead to keep yourself healthy while traveling. Make our Travel Clinic part of your pre-travel planning. Being informed about the health risks associated with your travels will increase your chances of a healthier and happier trip.

As soon as you decide to travel abroad, call to schedule an appointment to find out if there are special health needs for your trip. We will ask a few questions about your health/immunization history and about your travel plans – where you’ll be going, how long you will stay and what kind of accommodations you’ll have.

To schedule an appointment, call 770-339-4260. You’ll be referred to the Health Center closest to you. You should schedule your appointment at least 4 weeks prior to departure. Appointments usually take 30-45 minutes, longer for families.

At your appointment, we will review both the immunization requirements and recommendations, give the immunizations and plan follow-up sessions if needed. We educate you on your travel health needs and review any prescriptions you may need for the trip. Please bring to the appointment the phone number for your pharmacy. We will give you a permanent record of your immunizations on a World Health Organization form which is recognized worldwide.

We work with your primary care provider as needed. We send a copy of the workup and a record of all immunizations given to your provider, if requested.

In our educational session, you will learn about the major health risks you may encounter while you travel abroad and how to protect yourself. You will be given materials to take home. The country information will include up-to-date discussion of current health concerns plus current U. S. Dept. of State advisories.

You may need:

  • Basic immunizations update
  • Immunizations for travel requirements to specific areas
  • Elective immunizations
  • Prescriptions to prevent malaria and to treat traveler’s diarrhea

We provide:

  • Immunizations
  • Education
  • Travel consultation
  • Country-specific information

For your convenience: Download this PDF file and fill out this travel questionnaire and bring it to your appointment. This will shorten the time you spend in the clinic.

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