Hotel/Motel Inspection Scores
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Hotel/Motel Inspection Scores

Tourists accommodations include hotels, motels, extended stay facilities, and trailer parks.  Environmental Health inspects these establishments to ensure that linens are changed, glassware and other multi-use items are cleaned correctly, and facilities are free from vermin and insects.

Things to Know

Public Health regulates and inspects over 120 Hotels, Motels, and Extended Stay Inns.  Environmental Health Specialists inspect each facility at least twice per year to ensure management is offering clean and healthy rooms.

Inspectors ensure that bedding and linens are laundered appropriately, dishes have been washed hygienically, furnishings are in good repair, and that the rooms are free of rodents or insects.

Find an Inspection Score

Gwinnett County visitors can use the inspection score website to locate scores for hotels/motels in the county.

Currently, this information is unavailable for Newton and Rockdale Counties.