TB Testing & Treatment
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  • Preventive Health Clinic (TB Control) : 678.442.6880
  • Epidemiology : 770.339.4260 (ask for EPI on Call)
  • 1.866.PUB.HLTH (statewide disease reporting line)
  • Food and Waterborne Illness Complaint Line : 770.339.4BUG
  • After Hours Epidemiology Emergency Contact : 404.323.1910



TB Testing & Treatment

Tuberculosis (TB) is a bacterial infection generally transmitted person to person from the infected respiratory droplets of a person with active TB disease.  A case of TB is considered a Public Health emergency and requires immediate reporting to health officials.  Each case of disease prompts an investigation by Public Health.  Health department staff investigate, treat, and manage both latent TB infection (LTBI) and active TB disease in county residents.

TB is a treatable and preventable disease.  Adequate screening and prophylactic treatment can prevent active TB disease.

The Preventive Health Clinic is a special center that focuses on the treatment of TB infection and disease and is the only Tuberculosis clinic in the Gwinnett, Newton, and Rockdale Health District.  We serve and protect more than one million people.

Our TB Unit investigates reports of the disease in the community, in workplaces, in our schools and other institutional settings.  Our nurses and program personnel work to stop the spread of the disease by monitoring individuals who have been exposed to the bacterium or, especially, who have active cases of tuberculosis.

At the Preventive Health Clinic, anyone who thinks he or she might have been exposed to Tuberculosis can request a skin test.  If the result is positive, the clinic offers a full range of testing, education, and any necessary treatments at affordable rates.

Clinic services include

  • TB skin testing
  • Quantiferon testing
  • TB Clearance letters for school, work, etc.
  • Digital TB related Radiology
  • Treatment and management of active TB
  • Treatment and management of latent TB infection

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