2023 Back to School FAQ

What forms are needed to enter school?

There are two forms required by K-12 schools in Georgia (3231 and 3300). The 3231 form is an immunization certificate that is issued when your child is up to date on all required vaccines. The 3300 form is a hearing, vision, dental, and nutrition screening.

Your child must have a current, valid Form 3231 at all times in order to attend school.  Form 3300 documents your child’s hearing, vision, dental, and nutrition screening.  It is only required when your child enrolls for the first time in any school in Georgia.

Please visit GA DPH Immunizations Program for more information on required vaccinations.

Please visit your county’s school registrar site for county-specific related questions:

If your child is attending a private school or early child care center, please contact the school for questions about entry requirements.


Do I have to come to the health department to receive the required forms for school entry?

No. You can receive the forms from any licensed physician in the state of Georgia.


What records do I need to bring to transfer my child’s records?

You will need to bring ALL immunization records that you have for your child since birth. You can also bring a copy of the last physical done at your child’s pediatrician if it was completed within the last year.

If you are moving to GA from another state, please know that each state may have different immunization requirements.

Please click on the following links for the immunizations that are required in the state of Georgia:


Can I bring in records from the pediatrician with the hearing, vision, dental, and nutrition screenings on it?

Yes, you can bring in records from the pediatrician with the hearing, vision, dental, and height and weight on it, but the screenings must have been done within the last year. The vision and hearing must state pass or fail and/or have numeric values.


Do I need my child’s entire dental records including x-rays?

No. All that is needed to transfer to the dental portion of form 3300 is a dental screening. This can be a letter from the child’s dentist stating the date of their last exam and that the child is not under a current treatment plan.  That last exam must be within the last year.


What is a nutrition screening?

A nutrition screening includes obtaining your child’s height, weight, and body mass index (BMI).


If my records are not in English, do I need to get them translated?

Yes. Please have your records translated into English before emailing, dropping off, or coming into the health center. Records that are not translated will delay the process.


What options do I have to submit my records?

You have two options to submit your records:

  1. You can email your records.  The email address to submit you forms electronically is clinicinfo@gnrhealth.com.
    • Please make sure to include in the email the Health Department location where you would like to pick up your forms in the subject line of the email or your record review may be delayed.
    • Please also ensure you provide a valid phone number where you can be reached.
    • Records will be reviewed
  2. You can drop off your records at one of our Health Department locations Monday – Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm.
    • When dropping off records, please provide a COPY of your records; do not leave original records in the drop box.

Please allow 48-72 business hours to process the records. After the records are processed, you will be contacted with instructions on how to obtain your records and forms.  if you need to schedule an appointment for needed clinical services, the staff member contacting you will provide guidance and assist with this process.   

To expedite the record review and transfer process, please ensure all records that you provide are complete, translated into English, are legible.  Inability to clearly read the records may result in a delay in processing.

Listed are the locations you may drop off your records or if emailing records, indicate which location you would like to pick up your completed forms and records. A list of our clinic locations is detailed below under “How do I make an appointment if my child needs vaccines or a school screening?”. Information regarding clinical locations can also be found at www.gnrhealth.com/locations.


Do I need to bring my child to transfer records?

You do not need to bring your child if you are dropping off records for review as the review will not be done at the time your records are dropped off.  Health Department staff will make all attempts to review your records as soon as possible and will contact you with further instructions.

You do need to bring your child if you are told that vaccines or screenings are needed to complete the required forms.  Please note that services in all Health Department clinics are by appointment.  Limited walk-in services are available, but are dependent on staffing and service availability.


Can I be issued a 3231 form when my child is not up to date on required vaccines?

No. Your child must have all required vaccines to be provided a completed 3231 form.


How much do the services cost?



Record Transfer

 $10 per each school form


  Start at $21 (vaccine costs vary)

Hearing Screening


Vision Screening


Dental Screening


Nutrition Screening


**Hearing, vision, dental, and nutrition are required screenings for form 3300.


What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept cash and all credit cards except American Express. We do not accept checks.


Do you accept insurance?

Yes, we accept several types of private insurance, Georgia Medicaid, and Peachcare for Kids.

A full list of accepted insurance can be found on our GNR Health Locations page.


What do I do if I cannot afford the vaccines and screenings?

Reduced-cost vaccines and services are available based on eligibility criteria and income.   The Health Department participates in the federal Vaccines for Children program which allows providers to immunize eligible children for a nominal administration fee.  Pediatricians and other medical providers also participate in the Vaccines for Children program.


Does the Health Department provide a religious exemption form for vaccines?

No. If you want information on the religious exemption form you can contact the school system or visit the Georgia Department of Public Health Immunization Program.


How do I make an appointment if my child needs vaccines or a school screening?

You can call any of our locations below to schedule an appointment:



Phone Number

Lawrenceville Health Center

455 Grayson Highway, Suite 300

Lawrenceville, GA 30046

(770) 339-4283

Norcross Health Center

5030 Georgia Belle Court

Norcross, GA 30093

(770) 638-5700

Newton Health Center

8203 Hazelbrand Road

Covington, GA 30014

(770) 786-9086

Rockdale Health Center

985 Taylor Street SW

Conyers, GA 30012

(770) 785-4345