Monkeypox Vaccine Availability

Posted on August 8th, 2022

The Georgia Department of Public Health has launched an online, centralized scheduling tool and helpline to locate and make appointments for monkeypox vaccine. By visiting this portal, you can search for monkeypox vaccine availability across the state, including our locations.


Schedule a monkeypox vaccine appointment


*Please note, GNR Public Health does not operate this scheduling system. If you need support regarding an appointment, please call 888-457-0186.

Monkeypox Exposure

If you are concerned about being exposed to monkeypox or concerned you may have monkeypox, please call us for more help at 770-339-4260 and ask to speak with an epidemiologist.

Monkeypox Testing

If you believe you may have monkeypox and want to be tested, first isolate at home away from others, and call your medical provider or call us for testing options. Call before visiting your provider and let them know you have signs and symptoms of monkeypox.

Other Monkepox Resources:

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