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Take the Shot – the Flu Shot

Posted on October 1st, 2020

They say defense is the best offense, so score one against the flu this season by taking the shot … the flu shot. It’s more important than ever as our communities continue to work on preventing the spread of COVID-19. The flu vaccine can limit your risk of serious complications from the flu, like hospitalization or even death. The flu shot is a yearly vaccine, so even if you have had the shot before, you should get immunized every year.

Available Now at our Health Centers
Flu shots are now available at all health department locations (except Buford Health Center — currently closed) as well as other places in the community, like doctor’s offices, pharmacies, and urgent cares. Most insurance plans cover the cost of a flu shot, so it’s free to you. If you don’t have insurance or if your plan doesn’t cover the vaccine, the health department has low-cost options available.

Types of Flu Shots
There are two different vaccines available: quadrivalent standard dose and quadrivalent high-dose. Most children and adults will get the standard dose, which provides adequate coverage all flu season. Individuals over 65 should opt for the high-dose, which can give older adults a better immune response. For people under 49, nasal mist–administered as a spray in the nasal passage rather than by needle in the arm–is also an option; however, not all providers carry this version of the vaccine.

It takes about two weeks for your body to build immunity from the vaccine, so take the shot as early as you can.

Upcoming Off-Site Flu Shot Opportunities

Beginning Tuesday, Oct. 13 – Friday, Oct. 30, every weekday, the Health Department will be at the Gwinnett Elections Office in Lawrenceville offering flu vaccine for those participating in advanced voting. For all other advanced voting locations, the Health Department is working on scheduling at least one day at each location and at least three days for advanced voting at Lenora Park, George Pierce Park, and the Gwinnett County Fairgrounds. Vaccines provided at early voting are at no cost to individuals with insurance. Billing insurance will not result in a charge for the individual.

On Saturday, Oct. 17 from 9am – 3pm, we will host a family focused flu clinic at our Norcross Health Center at 5030 Georgia Belle Ct Norcross, GA 30093.   This opportunity is open all ages, with a focus on school age children and their parents. Appointments are required. Make an appointment today.

On Monday, Oct. 19 from 9am – 3pm, we will host a drive-through flu clinic at the Lilburn Activity Building located at 788 Hillcrest Drive NW, Lilburn, GA 30047. Appointments are required. Make an appointment today.

Download our posters and share on social media, at work, etc. (Download in Spanish.)