Environmental Health Services

The Environmental Health Sections of the Gwinnett, Newton, & Rockdale County Boards of Health are dedicated to preventing the spread of disease. The agencies enforce regulations that have been designed for this purpose. Their most visible roles involve inspecting restaurants, public swimming pools, hotels and motels, tattoo and body art studios, and septic system development.

Environmental Health is the regulatory arm of Public Health. Responsibilities involve enforcing Federal, State, and Local regulations for the following services:

Restaurant Inspections

Environmental Health regulates restaurants and other food service establishments like fairs/festivals and temporary events. We enforce state regulations to ensure that food service operators are following proper procedures to minimize the risk of dining patrons becoming ill.


  • Learn about food service rules, certification courses, and find permit applications.


  • Find a restaurant inspection score.

Hotel/Motel Accommodations

Tourist accommodations are regulated and inspected by public health to minimize illnesses and injuries associated with unsanitary or hazardous conditions.


  • Get tourist accommodations applications and regulations and bed bugs information.


  • Find a hotel/motel inspection score.

Community Swimming Pools and Spas

Pool inspections ensure chemical levels are sufficient to protect swimmers from harm organisms and to ensure the presence of adequate safety equipment. Environmental health regulates all pools, including neighborhood and apartment complex pools. Seasonal pools are inspected at least twice during the summer, and year-round pools are inspected at least four times.


  • Find applications, county regulations, and bacteria factsheets.


  • Find a community swimming pool inspection report.

Land Use / Septic Tanks

Environmental Health inspects all aspects of development related to properties utilizing septic systems.


  • Find applications, county regulations, and study guides.


  • Check for a list of tank installers and tank pumpers.

Body Art

Environmental Health inspects Body Art Studios and Body Artists to ensure that tattoos and body piercings are administered safely.


  • Find studio and artist applications and review county regulations.