Low-THC Oil Registry (Medical Marijuana) Information

In Georgia, low-THC oil, which is derived from the marijuana plant, is approved for medical use in people with specific medical conditions who have applied for and received permission to use low-THC oil from the Department of Public Health.

Individuals who are permitted to use low-THC oil are issued a Low-THC Oil Registry  identification card from the Georgia Department of Public Health after their application is approved.

View list of medical conditions that qualify for low-THC oil use

Applying for a Low-THC Oil Registry Identification card

Applications are submitted by a qualified person’s physician, and then reviewed and approved by the Georgia Department of Public Health.

Local health departments such as GNR Public Health do not have or process applications for Low-THC Oil Registry cards, nor are we involved in the approval process.

Download forms or an application at the Georgia’s Low-THC Oil Registry

Receiving a card when approved

Once an application for a Low-THC Oil Registry card is approved and shipped by the Georgia Department of Public Health, someone will call to provide instructions on how to obtain the card. Individuals concerned about card delivery should check the status of their application.

Check Low-THC Oil Registry card status at Georgia Department of Public Health

Dispensary locations

Visit GA Access to Medical Cannabis to find the locations of low-THC oil dispensaries in Georgia.

Find a low-THC oil dispensary in Georgia

Additional information

For Georgia medical marijuana information, the basic steps for obtaining a low-thc oil registry card, forms or an application, or to check card status, visit the Georgia Department of Public Health Low THC Oil Registry.


Page updated 10-10-2023.